ProGuard has experience gained by first hand and front line the demands and challenges of the job.  Through their expertise of being involved in special operations and managing units and special divisions, the Instructor Cadre provides professional, cutting edge, effective training for your continual maturing in your chosen career or aspiring career of choice. 
This experience is expanded by having the Cadre having been Officers in Charge of Training Units at the military, police and higher eductional institutions.  Combine this with being in charge of special operations in military and police, you have an expert depth of knowledge and experience.     

Continuous improvement is necessary for this everchanging and challenging world.  Individuals as well as corporations need to constantly mitigate risk in this challenging world.  Third party training delivery by accredited, certified and insured professionals allows this mitigation.  

ProGuard has effectively developed teams to test government institutions, agencies and organizations on security measures and response.  This gap analysis has assisted and supported organizations and entities in testing their own program from a neutral entity. 
ProGuard supports all training programs by  the development of Course Training Standards, Lesson Plans, Syllabus and Assessments in their programs.