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Your energy and positivity kept us going through the whole workshop. Whenever I was lazy or low energy - I look to you and feel a boost of energy

Certification for Instructors and accreditation is from:
  • Canadian Police College
  • Ontario Police College
  • Monadnock
  • ASP
  • National Tactical Officers Association
  • PMBA
  • Canadian Jiu-Jitsu Association
  • Armor Holdings
  • Emergency Management Ontario
  • PPCT Management Systems Inc. 
  • Sabre 
  • Defender
  • Verbal Judo Institute
  • York University
  • Safariland

Helder Faria - "Thanks for the training Chris, very informative and right to the point." January 
Anon -I learned to use senses I had not been doing previously. May 
John H. Guys from our experience at the last event FoxTrot arranged in January with CC this line of events with these trainers has the potential to be the best delivered and most relevant training out there and I have attended a good number of decent training events. Highly recommended. FIRM UP YOU WON'T REGRET IT. - February 

I wanted to extend my gratitude for the opportunities you have brought forth for our department...
Sir, it is a privilege to work and study under your tutelage...

I am looking forward to more training and guidance from you and I am sincerely grateful and most appreciative of your initiative. Thank you for your time!



Thank you for all your support and encouragement! You are an amazing teacher and it was great working with you!


I found that participating via VC was just as good as in person. The material delivered was fantastic and covered it all. The first thing I told Jeff was the refresher was just as good as the full training.

One of the best Use of Force trainers in the province. ​